Let's Keep the Doors Open

In Light of the protocols of reopening Churches, We entreat you to Pre-register before coming to the Church Premises.

Register Before Reservation

1. Click on the Link below to start the registration.

2. Select your branch or the branch you are visiting and select your Membership Type. Click on the  Next Button .

3. Fill the registration Form and Submit.

You will be greeted with a success page when successful with basic  COVID-19  Instructions.

Note: You need not to register again, only use your registration details even when visiting another branch.

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Reserve A Seat, No Re-registration

1. Click on the link below to reserve a seat.

2. Select the branch you are visiting and your membership Type and Click on the  Next Button.

3. Enter Your Phone Number ( the one you used during Registration) and the service session you like to attend.

4. Click the Button to Finish the reservation.